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Layout Information for Exhibition Managers

The layout's base is in darkest West Sussex, with the exhibition operating team spread throughout the southern counties and East London. The layout is designed to be transported in two large boxes which can for short journeys be accommodated on top of the owner's own car, with operators and stock etc inside. However for longer journeys, the hire of a transit sized vehicle may be necessary. In some circumstances a second car might be required to transport operators dependant on exhibition location and logistics.

The requirements below are an ideal, however happy to discuss any invite on its merits - please go to the Contact Us page and the team will get back to you.

Period Modelled:

Great Eastern Railway, circa 1910




4mm to 1 foot (1:76.2)



Layout Size:

15ft 6in (4.7m) x 3ft 9in (1.1m)

Operating Space:

17ft 6in x 7ft


Track: 4ft 3in above floor. Lighting Pelmet: 6ft above floor


Fully lit. Request that layout not be sited backing onto strong sunlight due to nature of backscene employed.


One small one (2ft square) required please with chair


5A 1200W Max. One 13A socket required within 10ft of layout.


Required please if available. Ideally these should be substantial such as those provided by the Chiltern Model Railway Association (CMRA) for their members' use. Chairs are not acceptable.


£30,000 including layout, accessories and stock. The majority of this valuation is the stock which is a mixture of scratch built and kit built. An itemized list of the high value items can be made available. Insurance to cover travel from base and return and must include accidental damage cover with full professional replacement.


Four minimum per day including reliefs. Although relatively small, the layout requires three operators at all times. Require lunch to be provided each day, along with tea/coffee in copious amounts! Members of the team have no special dietary requirements - apart from loving cake.


Transit size van hire required for long journeys. Fuel costs for 1 possibly 2 vehicles from West/East Sussex, Kent or East London. Dartford Crossing fees if applicable.


Overnight accommodation including breakfast may be required for minimum of 4 people (2x twin bedded rooms) in good quality bed and breakfast or chain hotel e.g. Premier Inn. Accommodation will usually be requested if journey time from base to venue is in excess of 1½ hours (70 miles).


West Sussex

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