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Layout Description

This layout was originally started by Ian Harrison way back in 1979 and featured in Model Railway Journal No. 23 which was published in 1988. The layout was then acquired by Alan Ketley who made several modifications, some major, before it was packed away for nearly 30 years! We believe one of its last public appearances in this form was at Scaleforum in 1989.

Map of Lambourn Valley Railway

As the layout is 40 years old, it was originally designed for DC control; DCC wasn’t even heard of then. So with the available stock being DCC, including some with sound, the layout has been partially rewired and now has the ability to be used with either system, allowing visiting locomotives to be used. The original H & M turnout and signal operation remains but with a new control panel with a small lever frame, to replace the electric pencil system, and an increased capacity CPU to ensure positive throwing of turnouts. Section switches have been removed, but with the main wiring left in place to help in fault diagnosis.

Scenically the whole layout has been refreshed as colours tend to fade over time. The layout has been updated with line-side fencing and additional scenic items and repairs to buildings and structures, mainly due to the ageing of materials and failure of glues.

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